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Women’s Health Spotlight

By Jennifer Kohler, MS, FNP-BC, CLC

Women’s health is a broader area than one may think. Initially, an annual GYN exam may come to mind, however, it is much broader than this. Our bodies are so complex with hormones that are in constant flux, dependent upon our stage of life in addition to our stress levels. Numerous women also struggle with gastrointestinal symptoms that can affect digestion and also sometimes lead to symptoms that can cause stress when eating or engaging in social functions. Many times, as we transition through our life stages and unwelcome symptoms arise, we are often told “it is normal” or we just must deal with it. It may absolutely be a normal experience, however, that does not mean we can’t be supported through it or work to decrease the severity of the troubling symptoms.

We are also told to “cut down on the stress” and “get more sleep”. While these are great suggestions that most of us should heed, they are not always practical or easy to attain. Sometimes there are underlying issues that may be adding to us constantly feeling “wired”, “hitting a wall” or feeling “wired and tired” at night. Obligations and to-do lists often go through our minds when we are trying to relax.

While we may not be able to change a lot of life’s challenges, we can look at ways to identify underlying causes that may be adding to our struggles. We can learn to optimize our health but do so in a way that can be integrated into our current day-to-day. We share a lot of common challenges, yet we are so unique that an individual approach is vital, and this requires time to really listen and hear what is going on and this often can’t be addressed in a 15-minute appointment. An integrative approach to women’s healthcare offers a different approach from mainstream medicine with a comprehensive evaluation of a woman’s lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional well-being in addition to her physical concerns. Appropriate blood work and other specialty testing are also an integral part of getting a clear picture of the current situation. Integrative Medicine of Central New York (IM of CNY) utilizes different modalities such as vitamins, supplements, herbals, homeopathic remedies, bioidentical hormones, holistic health coaching, emotional rebalancing with Neurofeedback and HeartMath, and other considerations to create a holistic wellness plan for our patients.

Those wishing to learn more about integrative women’s health, or who are interested in scheduling a visit with Jennifer our Nurse Practitioner at IM of CNY should call the office at 315.741.5774 to begin the process of establishing as a new patient. There is a wide range of appointment options and the compassionate team at IM of CNY looks forward to partnering with you for your healthcare needs.

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