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Using HeartMath to Find Peace this Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

This time of year can be stressful for many. What if it could be less stressful? What if you could implement a practice for stressful times, and for your life in general? We teach HeartMath here at IM of CNY, and it has the potential to transform your stress to calm acceptance and peace. The science behind HeartMath is that emotions are powerful and have an impact on our central nervous system. There are depleting emotions like anger and resentment, and renewing emotions like joy and contentment. Try these simple techniques to help bring calm and peace to your holiday this year.

Quick Coherence -this simple but effective technique is the backbone of the HeartMath practice. When you can engage positive feelings, in the moment, you replace depleting emotions with ones that can renew your system. This technique is very simple, but don’t let that deter your focus, each step is very important.

Step 1: Focus your attention in the area of your heart. Imagine your breath flowing in and around your heart space. Breathe a little slower and deeper than usual.

Step 2: Make a sincere and genuine attempt to experience a regenerative feeling such as appreciation or care for someone or something in your life.

*We encourage our clients to find a focus before they start the practice. Finding something or someone we can genuinely connect to that gives you a rejuvenating feeling can be complex, keep it simple to start we use the example of how the sun feels on our face on a beautiful day, start there if something doesn’t come to mind.

Attitude Breathing – Attitudes, like emotions, can either be depleting or renewing. This technique helps you to replace draining, negative attitudes with healthier, positive ones. Try this technique when you’re feeling stuck or on a negative loop.

Step 1: Recognize a feeling or attitude you want to change, and identify a replacement attitude

Example: If you’re feeling judgmental, replace with understanding and tolerance.

*Often the replacement attitude can be obvious, but it takes breathing and feeling of the new attitude to make it real and to feel the shift. If you are unsure of the replacement attitude, lean into a neutral attitude to simply stop the energy drain.

Step 2: Focus your attention in the area of your heart. Imagine your breath flowing in around your heart area. Breathe a little slower and deeper than usual.

*Even if a bad attitude feels justified, the buildup of negative emotional energy still drains your system.

Step 3: Breathe the feeling of the new attitude slowly and casually through your heart area.

*These techniques are not a one-and-done solution; the more you practice them in the moment the more they can help regulate your central nervous system. We suggest starting out by incorporating this into your daily routine 2-3 times a day for 2-5 minutes. You don’t have to be seated, still, or have your eyes closed. This is not meditation; you can practice while in the car, in line at the store, or while brushing your teeth.

We offer a 4-session HeartMath program here at our office and can have in-person sessions, or telemedicine sessions if you are not able to come in person. HeartMath provides several other techniques, and we are here to help practice, hold you accountable, and troubleshoot with our technology if needed. Please call us with any questions you have at 315-741-5774, and ask for Cali or Ashley in the neurofeedback department. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season.

The Neurofeedback Team at IM of CNY

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