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The Most Magical Time of the Year

By Beth Aust RN, Holistic Health Coach

The Holidays are upon us and this year is much different than most. It is supposed to be the most magical time of the year, but I am not sure if we are in the Hunger games, or an unaired episode of Harry Potter....

By default, I typically have a hard time emotionally this time of year, thinking of those who are no longer here like my Mom and brother; it can be a sad time for those of us who have lost loved ones to truly enjoy the season. Throw in some isolation, financial difficulties, and top it with uncertainty for our future, and we have us a trifecta of despair which can leave us in the fetal position under our bed.

We have two choices here, my friends. We can choose that fetal position OR we can choose to RISE up.

At the beginning of this year as I was pulling myself out of a dark place, I vowed to myself that I would NOT allow the fall/winter season to drag me down, again. Then the RONA hit and I was like, NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT TODAY.

It has been especially hard not to see and spend time with loved ones outside the home and some of us may have endured a hard time-enjoying the ones we live with (just saying what you are thinking because believe me I’ve been there too). But what I have found is that I can make inexpensive DIY gifts, cookies, breads, etc. and drop them off on people’s door steps. I have been doing this, this year with the kids and we call it-DING DONG DITCH.

For me, I feel better about making other people happy-even if I cannot HUG them right now. I am sending cards and small gifts in the mail and will be delivering home baked goods and easy DIY gifts that the kids and I make on doorsteps. My daughter Holly said something to me yesterday, and it was a quote by one of her favorite singers: “If you cannot put a smile on your face, then put a smile on someone else's.”

Gift giving on a budget does not have to be lame. We have made things out of items I have had laying around the house. Those mason jars in the basement received a good washing and we made homemade hot cocoa and pancake mix. Next weekend we are going to make chocolate bombs and begin making some cookies. We had some paint canvas and my daughter has been painting them and writing positive words of encouragement.

On our "to make" list are cinnamon scented pine cones (because we have several pine trees in the yard), bath salts, and apple butter with homemade bread.

Here are some easy Holiday DIY's with essential oils (of course) HOLIDAY DIY for you to explore!

The weekend before Christmas we will pack up the car with gifts, snacks, and hot cocoa and throw on some Christmas music while we deliver our Holiday DING DONG DITCH gifts.

So this year, no matter what, I choose not to remain in the fetal position, but to RISE UP and make this the MOST MAGICAL time of the year by spending it making special gifts for loved ones with the kids while teaching them to explore their creativity, and showing them that the true spirit IS in giving to others while confirming my daughters new found affirmation of putting a smile on someone else’s face.

How will you make the most out of the Holidays?

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