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The 10 Best Things About Fall

Submitted by Juliann Haarman

There are so many reasons to love autumn! The list of Fall things worth loving is super long, so everyone at IM of CNY brainstormed and put together a short list of our favorites:

1) Autumn Leaves

2) Comfy Clothes

3) Hikes in Crisp Air

4) Sitting by a cozy fire

5) Soup Season

6) Apple picking

7) The Colors

8) Trips to the Adirondacks

9) Sweaters

10) Fall Foods

What do you enjoy most about Autumn?

Whatever it is that inspires you during the Fall season, be sure to take some time to engage your senses and remember to let go, as if you were a tree releasing your leaves. Autumn is brilliant example of how beautiful it can be to let things go while making room for new life experiences.

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