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Spring Clean Your Body - May 2019 Spring Detox!

A 5-Day Whole Foods Guided Detox/Cleanse to Help You Feel Better, and Have More Energy as we move through Springtime (Without Giving Up Real Food!)

Spring is officially here, and it's important to spring clean our body just as we would spring clean our home! Let's get rid of the old stuck lingering energies of the long, cold winter, and rejuvenate ourselves for the energies coming in with the return of spring! We’ll kick off on Monday, May 20th and detox until Friday, May 24th. You read that correctly... In JUST 5 DAYS you can start to feel amazing again. You won't realize how run down you really feel until you get your spark back. Let’s get you on track to get back to your healthiest, most vibrant self so you can tackle all those spring projects with renewed energy and a clear mind. If you’ve never detoxed before, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. This detox program is specifically designed to make things SIMPLE for you, and anyone with over-packed weekly schedules. You get recipes, made for you shopping lists, a detailed guideline, and all sorts of bonuses!

Early bird pricing ($77) ends on May 13th; after that date your investment is still only $97!

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