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Read a Recent Neurofeedback Review by Anonymous Patient – December 2021

"My daughter, a Nurse Practitioner in Mental Health, suggested I try IM of CNY for my anxiety as she had clients who had benefitted from Neurofeedback. The 30 sessions of Neurofeedback have eliminated my general anxiety, which I suffered from most of my 70 years. I was struggling with low level generalized anxiety that was exacerbated by Covid, retirement, and cancer. I am so grateful my daughter suggested Neurofeedback, and that IM of CNY is so close by. My life is so much more peaceful, and I no longer need blood pressure medication. Your Practice is very professional and courteous, and the Neurofeedback worked and is drug free. I would like for insurance to recognize that Neurofeedback is a better, less costly, alternative to anxiety."

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