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Quick Morning Mindset Routine

By Gillian Brod

Hi everyone! I know not all of us have the time or availability in our busy schedules to sit down for 30-60 minutes for a focused meditation, so here is a quick mindset boost for your morning. The goal is to ground yourself in the things that make you feel loved and thankful, so that you can set up your day to see through the eyes of gratitude.

This is something that I do every day on the way to work, whether I have had time to meditate that morning or not. Sometimes, when I miss the alarm and my time to myself in the morning, I still really need a grounding practice, even if it is little and done on my drive to work. I find that on the days I practice this mindset boost, I am significantly less frustrated with the cars around me, go figure! Anything that you can do to drop into your body will change your day completely. This is also a great little practice for those new to meditation!

Step One:

Take a few deep breaths and visualize a white column of light enveloping you, shooting up from the core of the earth and encircling your body and then continuing up to the heavens.

Step Two:

Start to think of a few things that you are grateful for. These are the things that come to mind easily, the things or people you see or experience every day, like family, friends, coworkers, and pets.

Step Three:

Now think of a few really simple things in your life that you have the ability and pleasure of having or experiencing today. These are things like your warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning, a functional car, a warm bed, hugs from those you love. These little things are easy to forget to be thankful for because they are so easily accessible to us on a regular basis. Sometimes, just like the saying goes, it is the simplest things that can make our day, we just have to choose to let them.

Step Four:

Now just envision all the people and things you love in the same room together. Picture a soft pink light radiating from all of these things. This symbolizes the love and joy that they bring to you. As you picture this pink light, see if growing toward you with warmth and think back to how grateful you feel for all these things you have in your life. You are so loved.

Step Five:

Take a few more deep breaths in this place as you feel the healing and warming pink light around you. Feel the corners of your mouth turn up into a smile and know that you have just set up your day with gratitude and love.

Feel free to come back to this practice multiple times throughout the day as emotions and situations arise. You are always in control of yourself, and can change your situation in just a few minutes. Happy mindset, happy life!

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