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Natural Thyroid Healing

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 2008. For the last 11 years I have been on a thyroid healing journey. I have tried so many different diets, medications, and lifestyle changes to feel better. Most of them did not work, not to be discouraging, but that was my reality. I powered through and began to find some things that actually started to heal my thyroid, body and mind. I am still learning and growing and have had to make many changes along the way. I spent lots of time taking several steps backward to just get one step ahead.

The main reason I became a Holistic Health Coach, was to help people in similar situations find the right healing journey for them. I would love to share some of the things that I do to support thyroid health and healing. Keep in mind these are things that work for me. I encourage and support my clients to experiment and find out what works best for them.

I eat a plant based diet​- I have probably tried every diet on the planet. I have always struggled with weight and body image. Diets have been a normal part of my life, but the truth is diets don’t work for the long term. They only promote a cycle of shame and an overall unhealthy relationship with food. My diet is now super simple. I eat a mostly whole food plant based diet. I eat very small amounts of animal protein, in fact I go weeks without it. I limit dairy, sugar and processed foods. That’s it, it doesn’t have to be complicated. I never tell myself I CAN’T have certain things, for me that just promotes that vicious shame cycle. Whole plant based foods have everything we need to heal our mind and body. The benefits are endless and this shift can promote healing. These foods increase energy and maintain balance in the thyroid and body.

I incorporate movement everyday​- I used to think I had to kill myself doing cardio or intense exercise to make a difference in my body. I have found that getting out and doing the things that make me happy worked for me​. ​I like spending time in nature, hiking, walking, and I adopted a yoga practice. This has helped me immensely. I no longer have a recovery time from working out with sore achey muscles. I still get the results, not only physically, but mentally as well. Adopting a more mindful exercise routine has helped support my adrenals and heal my thyroid. I changed my focus from working out to movement with a purpose and it was a huge shift.

I stopped identifying with being sick​- For so long I would think why is my body like this. Why doesn’t my body work properly. I had such a negative mindset about my body and my thyroid. I would find myself saying I can’t do this or that because of my sickness. Your mind and thoughts are super powerful. I didn’t know this at the time, but this was preventing me from healing. Our bodies naturally want to be well and are amazing versatile vessels. I stopped focusing on the negative things happening to me and my body. I started to realize what my body was capable of. I started believing in my body and thyroid’s natural ability to heal. This coupled with a meditation practice has changed my brain and my body. This is an ongoing process and does not always come easily. I try and stay consistent with my mind set practice and it becomes more natural.

I became my own advocate​- I spent countless hours with countless doctors trying to figure out what was going on with me. Nothing against doctors, there are many good ones out there, but they don’t know you like you know yourself. They spend 10-15 minutes with you and we expect them to have all the answers. They don’t live your symptoms. If your lucky you may find one that will really listen to you and support you. I unfortunately didn’t have that experience until i found an integrative doctor that spent time with me. This helped me to become my own advocate. I read many books and educated myself on what was going on with my body and thyroid gland. I learned to start trusting my intuition . This empowerment really kicked started my healing journey. This helped me order the right tests and demand another look when nothing was found. I continued looking for the right doctors that would support me on my journey. We need to advocate for ourselves. We need to put in the work. This may not be easy and it’s an ongoing process, but no one else has a stake in your health and wellness like YOU.

These are steps I use when working with my clients. They can apply to anyone, even if you aren’t struggling with an autoimmune condition. Even if you are just trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. There is an abundance of information out there that often contradicts the information that precedes it. It’s super confusing and can be really frustrating. This is why I love supporting people on their journey helping them weed through the junk and find what truly works for them. Nutrition isn’t just about food it’s about feeding your soul.

Cali J. Freyn

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

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