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It’s Farmers Market Season!

By Gillian Brod, Neurofeedback Manager

It’s finally Farmers Market Season again, and it is in full swing! There are so many foods we can source locally at our neighborhood or city markets to help support our community’s farmers, limit waste from plastic packaging, save money, and best yet, support our bodies and brains with dense nutrition. Where we source our food is extremely important, and being mindful about our food consumption can connect us to our nourishment in new ways.

Here are some foods I have made staples in my farmers market haul:

  1. Microgreens - these power packed baby plants are dense in nutrients and are great for smoothies, soups, salads.

  2. Tomatoes - there is nothing like garden fresh tomatoes in the spring and summer time. My favorite is tomato sandwiches!

  3. Eggs and Butter - so much richer in taste and nutrients than those from the store (even the organic, cage free); the quality speaks for itself!

  4. Root vegetables - carrots and ginger are great from the market! The carrots taste so good as a quick cut up snack, or delicious roasted in the oven. I freeze my ginger for detox smoothies with wild blueberries and turmeric green tea.

  5. Pickles - shout out to Happy Pickle at the Regional Farmers Market! Pickles are a major food group for me (so I am picky!) but they make some of the best pickles I have ever had. Their hot garlic is my personal fave!

These are just a few of my favorites to pick up each week, and I can tell the difference in quality of taste, but more than anything, my body can really tell the difference. Make a trip to your farmers market and share with us what you find!

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