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Is Kindness Contagious?

By Gillian Brod

Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness? Maybe someone paid for your coffee, or pulled your car out of the snow, or maybe a stranger said hello to you or paid you a compliment when you really needed some connection. I think we have all experienced something like this at one time or another. Can you remember the child-like, warm and fuzzy feeling it gave you? When someone goes out of their way to do or say something kind it makes us feel cared for, noticed, and considered. This kind of love can be so simple. It does not require a long thought out plan or much effort at all, but can still have a great impact.

It can be very easy to overlook the kindness of others. We get so busy with our to-do lists and our schedules that we can be moving through life almost like we have blinders on, completely shut off from the simple kindness that may be floating all around us. Many of you may be familiar with the law of attraction, and the concept that the energy you put out into the universe will come back to you. My interpretation of this law is really centered around one’s consciousness; in other words, if your mind is centered around love and kindness you are more likely to notice the little bits of it that you encounter throughout your day. It is easy to become distracted by our busy lives and the challenging things we are dealing with, but if you are able to switch your consciousness to one of receiving kindness, it can be very powerful. Kindness is only as powerful as you let it be. The best way to make this mental shift is to give first. The simplest of actions can cause a great reaction and ripple effect.

So, do you think we have the ability to make kindness so contagious that there is love everywhere? I know what you may be thinking… “what can I do that will have a big enough impact to change the world in this way?” ...and I get it. There is a lot of seemingly strong negative energy being exchanged in the world, we all know of it, but I truly believe that your kindness can be enough. What if your kind act to pay it forward, compliment someone, or help someone when they don’t ask for it changes the day and mood of the one receiving this love? You could change that person’s outlook enough that they then feel moved to send a little love to someone else they come across in their day... and then the cycle goes on.

This message of creating a kindness domino effect is not a new one, I know, and much of what I am saying is not profound or brand-new information to the world. What I do know about humanity is that as much as we try to stick to this practice, we do not always remember to carry it out. After all, we are complex beautiful messes, with complex beautiful emotions that can easily distract us from what is truly important. Love is something that makes our lives worth living. Our families, friends, and loved ones are our team in this life. Just imagine if we all acknowledged that we are all on the same team here, spreading love and kindness to each other as we all learn in this life. So, is kindness contagious? Why don’t we try it and find out!

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