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Introducing Neurofeedback at IM of CNY!

By Gillian Brod, Neurofeedback Program Manager

We are excited to introduce our Neurofeedback system which is a non-invasive, radiation free way to improve (and sometimes correct) chronic neurological conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, brain injury, addiction, Lyme disease symptoms (especially brain fog), Autism, learning deficits, memory loss, and more! Neurofeedback works by realigning brainwaves to change timing and activation patterns in the brain, which result in better brain function, and can improve or even eliminate symptoms.

With over 50 years of positive cases studies and scientific publications, thousands of healthcare professionals are utilizing this amazing technology to free patients from the many hardships of various mental and neurological conditions and symptoms, and results are often permanent!

Neuro Integration Therapy, also commonly referred to as neurofeedback training, is a brain training process that begins with an initial mapping of the brain, a QEEG. From this map we are able to interpret and understand an individual’s brain wave powers and patterns in each of the wave bands. All of the information recorded by the QEEG is collected through the multiple sensors within the mapping cap. This device resembles a swim cap and has sensors that measure the power and frequencies, asymmetry, and dominant frequency of your brain waves, as well as the communication of information between the hemispheres of the brain. The data is then compared to that of an average healthy brain and allows us to interpret the areas of the brain in need. The map provides a training protocol specific to your brain to be used for the training process.

Training is available with the in-office system and/or the take home Focus Unit. After reviewing your map, we will advise on the best mode of training, and work together to make a plan that works for you and is conducive for the best possible results. While use of the Focus Unit is always an option for training, you may be advised on utilizing our technology in-office for the best potential results. The in-office program starts with a minimum of 40 sessions for new clients. The training sessions are thirty minutes with your choice of watching a movie or listening to music while wearing photic glasses. These glasses have small LED colored lights that are set to specific frequency and color based on your individual map. There is no testing or brain games involved with our system, you can sit back and relax while the system gently guides your brainwaves into healthy patterns.

Many of our patients and family members are reporting noticeable changes after just a few weeks of training. We notice the changes when you come into the office too! We have Lyme patients who have reported an improvement in overall cognitive function and decrease in brain fog. This is life changing for people!

The lifestyle choices we make can have a huge role in how we feel, and how our brain functions and handles stress. Habits like keeping a balanced diet, good sleep, hygiene, and regular movement are just a few ways to optimize your brain training with us. At IM of CNY, we operate under the mission of providing a whole health approach, and that ideal is not left out of our neurofeedback program. When you commit to our in-office training program, you will have regular meetings with a health coach to ensure that you have all the support needed to make the most of your training.

If you are interested in starting your neurofeedback journey, or would like to speak to someone for more information, please call our office at (315) 741-5774. Please note you do not have to be a patient at IM of CNY to participate in our Neurofeedback program. We look forward to joining with you to optimize your brain health!

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