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Intentions for the New Year 

The new year is now upon us, it is hard to believe that it is 2020! This seems to be the time for new year resolutions. I have attempted many resolutions in the past and it never seemed to work for me. My resolutions always ended with a crash by the beginning of February and had this way of making me feel terrible. I think there is a better way. I like to take some time to reflect on the year that has passed and to set some intentions for the year ahead.


I carve out some time to reflect on the year that is now behind me. I think of all the good and not so good moments that occurred. I like to jot down in my journal my top moments, things I do not want to forget. I love to look back at the pictures on my phone and reminisce. It fills me with such gratitude to see all the special moments I shared with friends and family. I then try and release these moments, as not to forget them, but to create space for all the new that will be coming my way. I like to incorporate a mediation with this process, it really makes the moment intentional and changes the energy.

Setting Intentions

I then change my focus to setting my intentions for the new year ahead. I like to write down what I would like to focus on or start to change. You could even make a story-board for inspiration and keep it somewhere you can see it daily. I take a gentle approach, as putting timelines on these kind of things do not work for me. If you are more structured you could have specific dates and action steps to keep you motivated. It is great to have this for reference throughout the year. That way you can check in with yourself regularly and see how it feels.

“Life is about change. Sometimes it is painful. Sometimes it is beautiful, but most of the time it’s both” -Lang Lang-

Wishing you all the world has to offer in 2020!


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