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Inflation Busting Infusions and Injections!

We understand the financial strain the current economic world is causing for many of us, so to make healthful vitamin infusions more accessible to patients and community members, we are introducing some Inflation Busting Pricing!! IM of CNY is introducing two new wellness infusions that are available to community members and current patients! Are you short on time and looking for a quick and affordable boost – we are now offering injections of – B12, CoQ10, Vitamin Complex, Amino Complex, Mineral Blend and Vitamin D, starting at just $25. We are also introducing Inflation Busting pricing for a limited time on some of IM of CNY’s current infusions, like the Myers Cocktail and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

For more information, please call IM of CNY at 315-741-5774.


This infusion is designed to help boost metabolism and help you feel more energized. The bag contains a combination of B vitamins as well as amino acids to help replenish deficiencies to help you feel your best. B vitamins are important as they help the body convert food to energy. They also aid in the creation of red and white blood cells and are needed for proper nerve function. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are used in many body processes such as muscle building, tissue repair, and hormone production. Available now at IM of CNY for $135.

Possible Benefits:

❖ Improved performance

❖ Boosts your metabolism

❖ Helps burn fat

❖ Restores energy


This infusion helps to rehydrate your body which can improve energy caused by fatigue due to dehydration. This bag contains vitamin C, B vitamins, and a mineral blend. Vitamin C is considered an antioxidant when given in low doses. It can help protect cells from free radical damage. Vitamin C can also help to strengthen the immune system. It is necessary to maintain connective tissue and bones. The essential mineral blend can help to reverse the effects of dehydration, remove toxins, and replenish vitamins. The B vitamins in this infusion can also aid in energy production by helping with the conversion of nutrients to energy. Available now at IM of CNY for $145.

Possible Benefits:

❖ Reduces Inflammation

❖ Improves circulation

❖ Restores essential vitamins

❖ Detoxes your system

❖ Rehydrates your body

❖ Fights fatigue

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