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Flip the Script of Fear for Faith

By Beth Aust, RN, Holistic Health Coach

Faith and fear both require you to believe in something you cannot see. BUT, so often, we live in Fear as the norm. Think about it, do you want to live in fear? Fear even feels gross, it stresses us out and makes us sad. I don't know about you but I am ready to flip this script-so I did some research!

Let's break this down....

The Science of mindset is nothing new, the great teachers of our past have been educating on this topic for centuries. I love learning about the past teachers whom have walked this planet.

Wallace Waddles was a pacesetter of compassion and new thoughts in the 19th century. He wrote books outlining these new principles and his personal practice centered on creating visualization. Now the verbiage may be outdated but the concepts remain evergreen; I encourage you to check out his trilogy on audible (listen) or amazon (read) which include the Science of getting rich, the science of being well, and the science of being great.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a poet and lecturer who lived in the 1800's and is STILL one of the most influential writers of the 19th century. You will frequently see his quotes used by current influencers, blogs, and on social media because well he was indeed one of our great teachers who enlightened us to the idea that "A man is what he THINKS about all day long".

Earl Nightingale was an American Speaker and Author who shared inspiration and affected or some say created the "Personal Development" movement called The Strangest Secret in the World,” which you can listen to on YouTube. He also had a radio program called "Our Changing World". You can listen to it HERE. I chose this version as his wife narrates and introduces his powerful speech. LISTEN NOW

Mahatma GandhiI remember from back in the day when in school we all went to the auditorium to watch a movie about Gandhi. He was a social activist, writer, and leader of the non-violent independence movement in India. He is yet another great teacher for us. He taught us this:

Wayne Dyer, one of my personal favorite teachers, was a dynamic speaker and author in the field of self-development. I actually read several of his books during the course of one year as part of my learning journey. He wrote more than 40 books, one of which "Wisdom of the Ages" which is a powerful collection of writings, poems, and phrases by some of the greatest thinkers of the past twenty-five centuries. In original essays, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer sets out to explain the meaning and context of each piece of wisdom, and most important, to explain how we can actively apply these teachings to our modern lives. You can read the book or listen to it on Audible. It will open your eyes to the great wisdom from people whom have walked this earth, learned lessons, and shared their powerful insights with the world.

Bob Proctor is widely known for his inspirational story and his ability to motivate individuals across the world to find success in their lives. This author and motivational speaker with a net worth of $20 MILLION was a high school drop out with loads of debt. He could easily sit back and enjoy his life but continues to share his knowledge, and encourages us to create an amazing life. Visualizing is the great secret of success, and if we look back on our lives and we think about things that happened in our life that went really well for us, we can trace it to visualizing WATCH HERE

There are teachers all around us. We have the opportunity to learn from these masters who had so much to share, but we HAVE to do the work.

Mindset refers to a set of deeply held beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions that form habits of mind. Mindset can ALSO act as a key aspect of what we consider.... our sense of self-HOW we see the world ILLUMINATES who we are.

Visualization is the great secret to success. If we do not practice holding something in our mind, our mind will use us, and we get what we don't want. SO, you have to exercise it-like a workout routine. You have to have a plan and know exactly what it is you want.

Our subconscious mind will believe whatever we tell it. It cannot tell the difference between real or imaginary. Most people do not understand this, and we create these truths in our lives that we don't want but we are creating.

SO, think about this a hot minute. You are constantly replaying in your head the negative crapola like your empty bank account, the bills that keep piling in, hating your job, or the broken relationships in your life...over and over and over. If the Universe responds with like, doesn't it make sense that these negative things keep happening in your life?

But what IF instead of replaying the negative, we change our thoughts to a positive affirmation to stop that crap dead in its tracks, and then WHAT if we ADD feeling to this affirmation and tap into this inner power to control our subconscious?

Just IMAGINE what we could create!

This IS our creative power. We are not going to worry about HOW it will happen. We ARE already there-that is the key!

We FEEL as if what we want we already have. We are programming our subconscious to BELIEVE. Wayne Dyer said: “You will SEE it when you BELIEVE it. “

Are you Ready???

Save this post, print it, write it down - whatever you need to do, and do this every night before you go to sleep AND throughout the day! LET'S DO THIS!!!

Close your eyes, and connect with that thing you REALLY want.

Imagine you already HAVE it-it's happening!

What does it FEEL like?

What do you HEAR?

What do you SEE?

What are you SMELLING?

What are you TASTING?

WHO are you with?

What is it like to have this thing you have WANTED FOR SO LONG???

Become one with it, BELIEVE IT, FEEL IT.

If you remain disciplined and practice this over and over you will be amazed at what you can create!

Faith and fear both require you to BELIEVE in something you cannot see. why not choose faith?

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