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Finding Your Inner Child This Holiday 

This  time  of  year  can  be  incredibly  stressful  for  so  many  people. We begin to lose sight of the magic the Holidays can bring.  My  children  teach  me  so  much  on  a  daily  basis. This time of year they are filled with so much wonder and excitement.  If the pressure and the stress of the season creeps  up on me I can look to them for help. Here are some things I really try to absorb during the Holidays.  

Excitement.​ Kids get excited over the smallest things. The first snow- fall, making a gingerbread house or cookies and looking in  awe  at  colored  Christmas  lights.  Find  something  everyday  that gets you excited about the holidays it can shift your mindset away from stress. 

Live in the moment.​ This can be difficult with the pressures  of the season. Notice how kids get sidetracked by a sparkling  ornament or catching snowflakes on their tongue This teaches us to slow down, go with the flow and see the wonder all  around us.

Imagination and dreams.​ My boys have the biggest imaginations, it is one of those things I will miss as they  get older. They are often in their pretend world where they make their life the way they want. Their dreams are  so big and without limitations. People have lost the ability to dream big and use their imaginations. The truth is  if we focused more on our dreams we would have happier more fulfilled lives. 

Worry less. ​I love the quote “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strengths”  -Corrie Ten Boom- Kids do not typically worry about much. They wear what they feel comfortable in. They dance and play with no reservation, and certainly are not concerned with the past or the future. Try worrying less about things out of your control. Shift your focus to love and gratitude.

Love unconditionally. ​Children love easily with no conditions. Return to love as it is the foundation for life  itself!

Happiest Holidays, 

Cali Freyn  

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

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