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February Special on Integrative Wellness and Prevention Visits with our PA Angelica!

February is heart health month, and taking care of your heart to prevent a disease process is super important. Consider visiting IM of CNY for a prevention visit this month!

Our current healthcare system is most successful for acute, mechanically correctable disease, but falls short in terms of prevention, integrative practices, and management of many chronic diseases. Costs for healthcare have rapidly escalated, yet lifespan is actually declining. The Western approach to healthcare is a disease-management approach and is very reductionistic in view, not addressing whole-person care. Prevention secures less than 5% of the funding in the healthcare industry, despite the large contributions it makes to population health.

With an integrative medicine approach, the practitioner focuses on whole person care, strengthening a person’s biologic terrain, and focusing on health promotion. We address optimum nutrition and herbal/supplement use, physical exercise and rest, resilience and stress management, and social and spiritual connection. Patients can consult on how to best support their wellness and reduce the risk of illness, as well as to integratively manage any already identified chronic disease processes.

Call today, or visit our website to submit a registration form and save $50 on a new patient Wellness and Prevention visit with Angelica during the month of February!

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