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Everyone Believes They Are Right

By Angelica Martin, PA-C

I grew up believing that the ideals of my family were the right ones.

As I matured, I developed my own ideals and believed those were correct.

I would argue with friends and strangers on social media as well as in person.

I would even go as far to hold grudges against those who believed differently than me.

Each person carries with them their own beliefs, thought systems, and truths, and the world is full of them.

Even within the same communities (medical, spiritual, etc.) there are disagreements and small pockets of the need to be right.

So, here is the truth about truths:

We all have them, and we all spend the majority of our life either arguing our truth is THE truth, and/or hearing others argue our truth is incorrect.

How do we stop the noise?!

There’s a tranquility that comes with the acceptance of the buffet of truths that exist in the world whether it be religious ideals, political opinions, or health care, and that these truths are ALL true for each individual holding them.

What if we stopped, listened, and attempted to understand the truths of others as their truths rather than strictly “hearing” they are “against” us? What would you welcome in by giving space to simply observing the interwebbing of diverse truths rather than personalizing them?

I believe wholeheartedly that we are all children of the universe, and each of us carries parts of the universe within. To deny the truth of any individual is denying the universe exists within that person and within yourself.

Make this a game! Notice when you are in judgement of others based on their truths (this may also be in their appearance as well!). Soon you will also become an observer of not only your own inner battles but those of others as well and how closely we are connected despite our differences.

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