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By Angelica Martin, MS, PA-C

The best form of dis-ease prevention is a sense and state of empowerment.

Plain and simple. My patients who feel empowered, who truly believe they can heal themselves, and who are trusted by their providers (me!) to make the best decisions for themselves do the best and feel the best.

Believing that your health and your body is out of your control puts you at a significant disadvantage and susceptible to all forms of dis-ease: mental, physical, acute, and chronic.

I am in awe with how many individuals I come in contact with (both inside and outside the office) who have been made to believe that their bodies are separate entities with which they have absolutely no control, and that those with medicinal degrees know their patients bodies better than the patients themselves.

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

I give each new patient of mine the same speech when I meet them for the first time, “If you don’t leave this room feeling empowered, I urge you to make me aware.” Because, in my experience, without empowerment, there can be little to no progress.

Where in your life are you giving away your power? Within your workplace? At home? At your doctor’s office? By watching the news?

And what can YOU do right NOW to take your power back?

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