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By Beth Aust, RN, Health Coach

You can DIFFUSE just about any situation with an essential oil diffuser!

Diffusing is one of the easiest ways to begin using essential oils, and one of my favorites; I use ours every day. You can literally transform your home or work space into a personal aromatherapy oasis.

They are the PERFECT replacement for candles. No one enjoys contact with hot wax, or the hard to clean messes. Some candles release toxins into the air, YUCK. If you love your home filled with good scents without the risk of toxins, you can breathe easy diffusing essential oils. AND they are cost effective.

Our mind creates powerful connections between scents and our emotions, surroundings, and memories. Diffusing essential oils is a simple but effective way to access those connections. It can also help build new and positive memories and experiences.

Diffusing essential oils can be a part of your daily lifestyle:

  • Creating a positive, joyful atmosphere

  • Promoting a good night sleep

  • As part of your wellness routine

  • Uplifting

  • Body and mind relaxation

  • Invite positivity and energy

  • Promote a sense of clarity and focus

  • Eliminating odors...And SO much more!

Diffusing distributes essential oil molecules through the air, effectively. Heating essential oils can make the oils less effective, so Young Living uses cold air diffusers. Ultrasonic diffusion combines the advantages of a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer and aroma diffuser into one by breaking a mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles and dispersing them into the air. Young Living has several ultrasonic diffusers with features YOU will love such as The Desert Mist diffuser, Aria Diffuser, Lantern diffuser, and Dewdrop Diffuser and Feather the Owl diffuser.

How to use your Young Living Diffuser

  1. Remove both the outer and inner cover.

  2. Add room-temperature water until the level reaches but does not exceed the water fill line.

  3. Add 8–10 drops of Young Living essential oil.

  4. Replace both lids back onto the unit; align the groove on the inner cover to the half circle on the side of the reservoir.

  5. Press the power button, and enjoy!

If you are a visual person (like me), you can check out Young Living’s videos on how to use their diffusers.

How to clean your Young Living Diffuser

  1. Rinse with warm water

  2. Spray with diluted Thieves Cleaner or vinegar

  3. Wipe down

  4. Rinse

  5. Clean the center plate w/ Q tip dipped in rubbing alcohol

Not yet a Young Living member and NEED a diffuser and essential oils? Reach out to us at IM of CNY and learn how to become a member today! Most starter kits come with a diffuser, and several essential oils!

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