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Coming into the Best Version of Myself in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

By Robyn Lev, MS, OT/L

Guest Blogger for IM of CNY

We have all been challenged and stretched this past year emotionally, physically, and spiritually. How do we come back into balance and come into a new center of Being in which we live our daily lives richer and with greater meaning, gratitude, and compassion for others? As we venture out into this new post-COVID19 world, we get to redefine our priorities. What is most important to us, and how do we come into the best version of ourselves?

Back to Basics:

1. Self-care is of utmost importance; without it, we cannot be the best version of ourselves. Sleep, rest, nurturing our inner selves with love, and taking time for ourselves is paramount. Being your own best friend and enjoying being in your own energy. Asking for help when you need it.

2. Getting out into nature and connecting with the earth rejuvenates us, and brings us profound gifts. Taking a walk alone or with a close friend can be a healing adventure. Fresh air, sunshine on your face, and hearing the wind bristling through the leaves can be magical moments.

3. Cooking, baking, and preparing your own food is essential to the soul… these can be meditative moments… baking homemade bread, making brownies for your children, grandchildren, or yourself... truly multi-sensory experiences... exploring new recipes with new spices, herbs, and techniques bring new aromas and energies into your kitchen. When preparing your own food, try to eat as cleanly as possible by following the EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list to avoid pesticides in your foods.

4. Fine-tuning your health regimen: feeling into what activities you truly enjoy: do you prefer to walk alone in the forest, or together with a friend? Do you prefer swimming laps and feeling completely free, buoyant, and alive in the water? Do you crave to take a hot yoga class with a group, or a quiet yin yoga class in a dimly lit studio?

5. Strengthening your immune system and fortifying your health. Eating enzymatically rich organic fruits and vegetables, supporting local farms and food coops, as knowing your farmer and where your food comes from is as important as knowing your doctor. Taking live greens and probiotics daily to supercharge your health. (Check out our Mama Power Greens here: - don’t let the name fool you, they’re good for everyone – even pets!)

6. Learning the best coping strategies to deal with stress and stressful situations. Using energy techniques to sedate your triple warmer meridians to decrease stress, promote calmness, and bring your energies back into balance. (Visit

This last year has given us invaluable time to think, reassess, and evaluate our lives and how we want to move forward. We have all been gifted a hard reboot on our lives. Most importantly, slow down so you can take in the joy of every moment. Take time to smell the roses is not just a line, but rather a lesson to live by. In slowing down and smelling the roses- you are feeling into the joy of your moments, raising your vibration, and honoring yourself as a divine being.

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