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Brain Training with the Focus Unit - From Gillian’s Living Room

By Gillian Brod, Neurofeedback Program Manager

As some of you may know, the focus unit is the at-home brain training device we have available for convenient neurofeedback training. While the in-office training has countless benefits, we understand that it is not always feasible for people to come into the office for sessions and health coaching multiple times a week, especially now. I thought I would share some of what I have seen with my own focus unit, in my own living room.

First of all, the focus unit is very easy to use while doing something else and as someone who likes to have her hands in many things at the same time, I jive with this set up! I will crochet or knit, read, or watch tv while using my focus unit, and occasionally will pair it with my meditation and journal practice. It is nice to know that I can sit down to do something I enjoy all the while healing my brain to be the best it can be. It is so easy to forget our brain when we are in the midst of a difficult health or emotional situation. I know that I have not always had the awareness that I do now, and still there is so much to learn.

When I was going through the thick of my healing journey with Lyme, I did not know how much my brain was playing into where I was physically. I had always associated trauma with very specific types of events or experiences, when in reality, we all have experienced traumatic events at some level. Being so sick and losing control of my own body was terrifying and absolutely traumatic in many ways. I never connected the relationship between my emotions and my physical body. I eventually got to a point where my physical body was worlds better, but I consistently felt like there was something blocking my full recovery, something I could not identify at the time. When I began exploring this technology more, and how trauma of any kind impacts the brain, I quickly realized my missing piece. I had not ever dealt with the emotional component of what I had been through, and once I started to lift that layer, I immediately noticed that my brain fog, anxiety, and memory/cognitive issues were improving as well. Neurofeedback has been a really important part of my emotional processing, and I know I am glad to have it in my home whenever I need it. I have found that both regular, consistent use and sporadic training sessions specific to what I am feeling that day or week has helped support me in the best way.

As a very sensitive person, I notice the effects of a single training session immediately after finishing a session. I have always been very in tune with my body, and sometimes painfully sensitive to stimuli of any kind. I have found that my mindset going into and throughout the session really makes a difference. The times when I feel like I ‘need’ the training to be better, versus wanting the training for my well-being, are the times when I either feel less of an effect, or come out feeling more agitated. Mindset. Is. Everything. I have also found that the time of day and the type of session I run is equally important. This unit does take some getting used to, but I have seen huge differences in myself while using this device and I do believe in this technology.

One of the beautiful things about our program here is that we want it to work for you and your lifestyle. It is of utmost importance, both to your stress level and to your brain, that the integration of this training works with you, not against you. Our brains thrive on ease, so we will create a training plan together and be in communication along the way to foster the best healing environment for you and your brain. I know this technology has helped me so much, and I am honestly completely astonished by the effects I have felt, and what our patients have experienced as well. I feel that the most important role you can play in your own mind body healing is listening to what is best for you, and we would be honored to support you in doing so. I would love to speak to you if you have more questions about the focus unit, or neurofeedback in general, so please reach out at or (315) 741-5774.

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