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Bach Flowers Essences & the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™

By Tracey Wright, RMT, Conscious Life Coach, Horse Heart Healer

Dr. Edward Bach was a well-educated English medical doctor, surgeon, bacteriologist, and pharmacologist in the early 1900s. While working with his patients, he became perplexed when they were not healing completely despite having their physical symptoms addressed. That’s when he realized there was an emotional component that was still out of balance which hindered his patients’ full recovery. While trying to find a solution he discovered that Mother Nature had all the healing properties he was looking for, leading to his discovery of 38 flowering plants which cover all ranges of human emotions. Dr. Bach found that by combining several of the flower essences, his patients’ emotional imbalances seemed to disappear which allowed them to fully recover physically as well.

The Bach Flower Essences are pure vibrational energy and work very gently with adults, children, and even animals. Because they are pure vibrational energy, they do not interfere with any other healing modalities, medicines, herbals, or any other protocols or treatment plans recommended by Dr. Puc and Dr. Lazzarini. Because of their vibrational nature and gentleness, there is no worry about over doing it with any of the Flower Essences, not even with the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™.

The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™ is a combination of 5 Flower Essences that work together to help individuals, and animals, move through a crisis or traumatic situation more quickly and with more ease. The combination includes Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, and Clematis. When taking this combination after a traumatic or crisis situation, the individual, or animal, regains some of their patience, releases some of their terror, recovers from the shock, is able to re-establish some of their self- control, and are finally able to into their body allowing them to be present and deal with the situation at hand.

Here are some examples of how I have used the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™ with my family:

- When my mother passed away after a sudden illness, my daughter would often hand me the Rescue Remedy bottle to help me settle my nerves. After taking it, I would then be able to deal with the attorneys, accountants, and other family members more calmly; I was also able to start processing some of my shock and grief with a little more ease.

- When my daughter was a toddler, she would easily become overwhelmed in crowded and loud stores; giving her a few drops of the Rescue Remedy helped ease her angst allowing me to finish the needed shopping. In fact, she knew where I kept it in my purse and would often reach for it herself when in need.

- Thunderstorms used to send one of my dogs into terrible shaking spells and her wanting to hide behind the toilet panting for hours before and after the storm. I’ve been giving her a custom mix that includes Rescue Remedy for several weeks now. When it started thundering today she simply lay at my feet without any shaking and without any panting. No sooner had the thunder moved off, that she also moved off my feet. No panting, no hiding behind the toilet, no shaking at all!

If you find yourself in a crisis situation and want to try some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™, simply add 4 drops to your water and sip it through-out the day. If the crisis situation is immediate, you can also put 1-2 drops directly on your tongue as needed and for as often as you need. Don’t worry as you can’t overdo it or overdose with the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™.

Important Note: All Bach Flower Essences use brandy to ‘hold’ the vibration of that flower essence; for those that are sensitive to alcohol, there is a non-alcoholic glycerin-based Rescue Remedy, or Kids version, that is readily available.

There is also a Pet version available which is also alcohol free. Truthfully, they are all interchangeable as the core 5 Flower Essences are in all versions. Luckily for you, you won’t have to go far to find Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™ as IM of CNY has some for you in their ever-expanding supplement room!

I have been using the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™ for years, yet only recently started studying all 38 Flower Essences in depth for use with people and animals, becoming Level 1 Certified; I will be getting my Level II Certification this fall. If you are interested in a Bach Flower Consultation for yourself, a family member, one of your pets, or simply want to learn more feel free to send me an email to or call me at 315-455-6765.

Thank you to IM of CNY for the opportunity to share the brilliance of Bach Flower Essences and for stocking the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy™ for all of us. They are a beautiful supportive addition to Dr. Puc’s and Dr. Lazzarini’s vast integrative healing options ~ lucky us!

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