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Allmond Wellness Update

Allmond Wellness Inc. Integrative Health Coaching opened for business in the village of Chittenango on June 8, 2022. Since that time, Deanna Raymond Allen, PA, CIPP has been offering 90-minute comprehensive integrative mental health evaluations to clients. Following an initial evaluation, a comprehensive treatment plan is formed based on individualized needs. This may involve advanced testing including but not limited to genetic studies, micronutrients, mold/toxin, gut, neurotransmitter, and hormone testing.

By popular request, Deanna will soon be offering focused gut work to accommodate folks who perhaps do not want or need to submit to the comprehensive mental health evaluation. It is common knowledge now that healing the gut improves overall health and longevity and reduces the risk of many chronic illnesses. Deanna has had advanced training in this area, and is looking forward to helping folks in this capacity!

Ultimately Deanna plans to add a mental health therapist and dietician to the practice for a truly integrative approach to mental health!

When needed, Deanna will refer clients with more complicated medical needs to other like-minded clinicians such as Dr Puc and her staff for more specialized and integrative treatments. Deanna is so happy to have formed such a valuable collaborative relationship with IM of CNY!

If interested in becoming a client, please go to to fill out the “New Client Registration” form. Once received, you will be contacted within 1-2 business days to schedule an initial evaluation with Deanna. You may also use the website to email any questions!

In good health,

Deanna Raymond Allen, PA, CIPP

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