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All the Fall Feels

By Beth Aust, RN, Health Coach

The leaves have started turning, cool winds are blowing, and we woke up to frost last week. My heart is drawn to nature, I feel most connected anytime I am in her presence. Every morning I walk my chocolate lab Molly, and whatever the season - I turn to the trees. To me they represent the importance of being grounded or rooted in life. They have strength and wisdom that we can all learn from. I mean we have all had a tremendous year thus far, am I right? It almost feels like it is too much.

So I choose to be like a Tree...

In many areas of the world, the trees leaves are now changing to radiant colors of red, orange, and yellow. It is a time of transition. The trees will soon release their leaves as a natural response to the changing earth cycle. The trees are preparing for winter, and in turn begin to conserve their energy as a strategy to survive the harsher conditions ahead. This shedding of the leaves may also help trees to pollinate in the coming spring.

What a beautiful lesson we can learn from the trees! When times get tough, they don’t give up or wither away. Instead, they “go with the flow” of Mother Nature for the next cycle of their life. We too have cycles, and now is a great time to release what no longer is serving you.

This is your life and your journey - YOU are responsible for it. So, if you have too much on your plate or are not satisfied with how your world appears, make the necessary changes.

We need to clear space for new beginnings, new growth.

I have learned that I need to be committed to myself and my life to make the necessary changes for growth. Here is what I am doing, it may benefit you as well.

First step is to acknowledge what it is that needs to be released. Take some time in quiet contemplation, or even journaling, and prepare for your next cycle. Review your life as it is now.

What are your desires for the future? What in your life is no longer useful or needed in your emerging self? This may include unhealthy relationships, a career you are unfulfilled in, bad habits or even material possessions.

The second step is to devise your plan of action. Are there steps you need to take prior or during the process? These action steps will be variable according to “what” it is you’re releasing. I would stick to 3-5 action steps. If you have too many, you will get overwhelmed and give up.

Make a “to do” list if you will, and add time frames in which you hope to accomplish each of your steps. Do not get discouraged if you do not meet your completion date; simply continue to take action, and trust the process. Use conscious, purposeful language if you have not met a goal by a certain date. Speak life, not death, into your goals. For example, if you have not met a goal by your end date, don’t think or say, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be” or “that won’t happen.” Simply acknowledge the fact of the circumstance that you have not met that goal yet. YET is a powerful word that creates intention, even though the initial date you chose for completion has passed; the goal is still attainable.

The third step is to actively work on your action steps, and revise if need be. Taking action is the most important step in making changes to truly live a life you love.

So, remember: Commit to yourself, take action steps, and release the unneeded. You’ve got this!

Begin to let go, and trust the process. This can be a slow process (depending on what you are releasing), and takes determination and often hard work, but that is OK.

Releasing those “things” in your life that are no longer serving you can be such a liberating feeling. You feel lighter, a sense of relief, and you are creating space for inner peace, self-love, and growth.

Just think how much you could grow by spring!!

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