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A Gift, Just For You!

Save $50.00 off Neurofeedback Mapping

What is a QEEG Mapping?

The first step in our Neurofeedback training program is getting a QEEG brain map. Data on your specific brain waves are collected by placing a cap with several sensors on your head. The sensors are filled with gel so that data can be collected from each site simultaneously. The cap measures Alpha, Theta, Beta, and Delta brain waves much like a thermometer measures temperature. This noninvasive process takes about 20-30 minutes. Once the map is complete, we can analyze the data and suggest a specific training protocol for your brain.

Save $150.00 off Emotional Rebalancing Program

What is ERP?

This type of emotional rebalancing brain training focuses on the amygdala which is known for storing memories of significant events. This training will encourage a release of emotions and memories to allow room for healing and freedom. Our difficult and painful experiences can influence our brain’s health tremendously, and our program provides you with support to optimize your overall wellbeing. This program is designed for people that have had trauma, PTSD, or stuck emotions from the past. Our program is holistic in nature so you will be able to heal and get the support you need on your journey. This program is a 10-session program with a commitment to two half-hour sessions per week.

Save $50.00 off a 4 session HeartMath package

What is HeartMath?

HeartMath has been around for over twenty years. It uses a form of biofeedback and heart rate variability that has been scientifically proven to regulate your body systems, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. HeartMath also increases intuition, focus, clarity, and helps regain energy and joy for life. Resilience is the key focus of this system. It teaches people how to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, and increase one’s resilience. HeartMath counters the effects of stress by teaching us how to control our heart rate in combination with actively shifting our attitudes and emotions to achieve better outcomes in difficult situations. This 4-session program is designed to teach you over 6 different HeartMath techniques. We help you come up with a practice plan and a specific technique for stressful situations in your life. We also use technology to help you visualize your heart rate and adjust as necessary.

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