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7 Practical Tips to Give Your Life a Spring Cleaning

By Heidi Baldwin, MS, Holistic Health Coach

Spring cleaning isn't just for the home and physical space we occupy; you can also take that same idea and bring it into your entire life: your mental space, your energy, your thoughts, and more. Infusing the exciting rebirth of spring into all areas of your life leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the new season!

Here are a few practical ways you can do this:

1. Start with the physical realm.

To give your mental space a little spring cleaning, you need your surroundings to feel clean and fresh again. Clearing away the clutter surrounding you will give your mind a big sigh of relief. It's incredible how much mental space our surroundings occupy. Remove things you do not like or that do not bring you joy, repair anything broken, and add something fresh like some new houseplants or flowers to refresh your spirit. This is a good time of year to wash your windows too!

2. Enjoy the outdoors.

As we've been cooped up inside throughout the colder months, and the last year in general, the warmer weather is a welcome change. Take advantage of the sunshine and spend some time outdoors. Go explore a hiking trail in your area, go for a walk by the river, or enjoy an audiobook as you spend some time walking at your favorite local park or nature trail.

3. Clear your mind of negative energy.

Spring is the perfect time to give your energy a refresh, as well. Evaluate what's been consuming your thoughts, and find any negative recurring thoughts that you can be mindful of working on this season. It can take some time, but actively working to flip negative thoughts into positive ones is time well spent. This isn't to say positivity is the only way; feelings are valid and should not be suppressed, but we can easily flip many recurring thoughts we have daily to a sunnier perspective.

4. Make a spring soundtrack.

Music is therapeutic. Find a soundtrack for your spring season, and enjoy some uplifting tunes. Perhaps energizing music fits the bill, or maybe something more along the lines of nature sounds with music is what will calm your soul and give you energy. You can find many stations on Spotify or Pandora that will fit the bill. Turn your station on the next time you're cleaning the house or cooking dinner, and notice what a difference it makes!

5. Clean your airspace.

Even after doing a physical cleaning, cleaning the air inside your home is essential as well. Open the windows, and let the breeze flow through your space. Doing this as often as possible is great, but you can also set it on a schedule to make sure it's done regularly. For example, you can plan to open your windows every weekend to air your living space out. Bringing in some air-purifying houseplants will help with cleaning your airspace when your windows aren't open, as well. Himalaya salt lamps are also a great air purifier to add to your home! For times when it’s not practical to have your windows open, I highly recommend AirDoctor air purifiers.

6. Re-commit to your healthy routine.

Don't let a few slips from the winter hold you back from creating and sticking to a healthy routine. Re-commit to your healthy habits this season by making sure you focus on eating whole foods, moving your body, and getting the sleep you need. Be in tune with your needs by making time for friends, and learning new things for your best mental health.

7. Try something new!

Bring in the new by shaking things up, and trying something you've always wanted to try. If there are any hobbies you've been interested in, go for it. Are there places that have been on your must-see list for years? Take a long drive and finally go visit one. Make a trip of it and visit several places! While you're on that long drive, listen to some books you've meant to read. There's so much to explore and experience!

Spring cleaning your life can give you a new outlook on your personal situation, energize you, and help you to make commitments to your personal goals. So, grab your calendar now and start planning! Committing a little time each day or week to pursuing your goals will help you to accomplish everything on your list, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the warm weather in no time!

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